Michael Lohan Lindsay Lohan Reunited In Rehab

Reunited and it smells so bad….It’s a Lohan Family Reunion — live from The Betty Ford Clinic!

Lindsay Lohan has been reunited with her estranged father Michael as the former patriarch of the clan faces an arrest warrant in his native New York, tipsters tell RadarOnline.com.

The scandal-stained actress and dad Michael — who have not spoken for at least seven months — enjoyed a reunion at the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs, where Lindsay is under court order to receive treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Sources close to Lindsay say it was her idea to meet with Michael, although the cocaine-addicted former child star has been vocal in her assertion that her struggles with addiction are at least partially attributable to her long troubled relationship with him.

“Lindsay met Michael at Betty Ford and the pair spent hours together… it was not a fleeting encounter, this appeared well-planned in advance,” squeals a spy.

“It was an emotional reunion,” Radar’s informant adds. “There were hugs, kisses and even a few tears when Michael and Lindsay first saw each other…They also went shopping at a local Palm Desert mall, where they were seen walking around together and at one point, were in a jewelry store…..He is prepared to do anything to get it right this time.”

Michael refused to talk about their meeting, but did say the that star, 24, is doing well. Meanwhile, Michael’s found himself in a bit of a pickle of his own. A judge in Suffolk County, New York has issued a warrant for his arrest stemming from a legal case with a Montana woman who alleges Michael fathered a daughter with her 15 years ago.

Kristi Kaufmann sued the Lohan patriarch in 2008 and won an uncontested judgment because Michael never opposed the baby claim. Lohan says he was unaware of the warrant and believes it is because he was a day late making his second child support payment to Kaufmann. He’s adamant that once he makes the installment the warrant will be withdrawn.

Lohan told TMZ.com that he was late ponying up the child support because of the Nov. 2 mid-term elections.

Well, that’s original.

“…I did send it, and I have receipts. So because I was a couple of days late, they issued a warrant. How sick.”

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