LL Cool J Intruder Could Face Life in Prison

Remember the homeless guy LL Cool J tackled in his kitchen earlier this week?

Well, he could find himself spending what’s left of his life behind bars in a California State Prison.

Jonathan A. Kirby, 56, has been charged with first degree burglary after breaking into the rapper’s upscale Studio City home early Wednesday. LL told cops that he had his family had been sleeping upstairs when he was awaken at approximately 3 a.m. by an alarm. He rose and found Kirby in the kitchen.

The NCIS: L.A. star subsequently leaped into action, tackled the suspect and detained him until police arrived. Kirby sustained multiple injuries in the melee and remains hospitalized as he receives treatment for a broken nose, jaw and rib.

But that could be the least of his troubles.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has also charged Kirby as a Third Strike felony offender, which means under California law, if convicted, he could be facing a maximum prison sentence of 38 years to life.

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