Little Boy Writes To George Lucas About Jedi Marriage Rules, Receives Epic Response

A young Star Wars fan named Colin recently wrote a letter to movie creator George Lucas. In his letter, Colin voiced his concern over rules that say a Jedi can never get married or find true love. n recently

In his letter, the young boy explains that he wants to be a Jedi and get married. He also tells the Star Wars inventor that he might have to become a Sith in order to find true love.

Thankfully it turns out that a Sith marriage might not be in the young man’s future thanks to the response he received from LucasFilm.

Here’s the letter the 7-year-old sent to George Lucas:

George Lucas Responds To Marriage Letter

Following the boys letter, Lucasfilm sent this response:

George Lucas Letter Response

As if that response wasn’t good enough, The LucasFilm Team sent the young man a swag bag:

George Lucas Gift Package for little fan

Sure you can get married if you are a Jedi, but good luck spending time with your wife and kids when you are traversing the galaxy. We saw how well that worked for Luke and his father.

Here’s Colin’s filmed reaction to the response and swag bag:

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