Little Big Town’s ‘Girl Crush’ Isn’t About Lesbians, Just Adultery Fantasies — WHEW!


Little Big Town fans can breathe a sigh of relief, after learning that ‘Girl Crush’ isn’t about a lesbian relationship after all — just an adulterous fantasy. (Let’s play a game — which word can you find in the Bible, ‘adultery’ or ‘lesbian?’) The revelation may come too late — the song has already been pulled from radio stations — but at least fans can listen and sing along, knowing they’re only advocating a woman fantasizing about being this other woman, so she can have that woman’s boyfriend. Clearly this is far more moral than advocating consensual gay sex.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, unless the alternative is homoerotic lyrics.

Okay, I couldn’t find that quote in a Bible anywhere, so I made it up, but to be fair, Little Big Town’s fans seem to have beaten me to it.

The Washington Post reports that country stations are actually refusing to play the song, because they’ve gotten complaints from people who think it’s about girl-on-girl action.

CMT News, though, has the explanation for why it isn’t homoerotic, or even bi-curious.

“Girl Crush” is about a girl obsessing over another girl because that girl stole her lover. (On the other hand, it could also be about a girl obsessing over the girl who is with the man that she wants but has never had. That mystery is unclear, which only adds to the allure of this song.)

So it’s not really about a girl crush, per se. There are no explicit sexual lyrics or any bi-curious innuendo.

Right. It’s not about wanting to kiss this other girl because the singer is attracted to her, but instead, because the singer is busily coveting this woman’s husband or boyfriend, and fantasizing about the two in bed together. Seriously. Here are the relevant chunks of lyrics:

I want to taste her lips
Yeah, ’cause they taste like you


I don’t get no sleep
I don’t get no peace
Thinking about her
Under your bed sheets
The way that she’s whispering
The way that she’s pulling you in

On Little Big Town’s Facebook page, though, it’s clear that fans are satisfied with the distinction — take this excerpt from one comment:

After reading the lyrics it is a beautiful song. BUT… on the surface it promotes the gay agenda whether meaning to or not.

Adultery, fantasy, coveting, extramarital relationships — all of those (along with drugs, drunkenness, law-breaking, and other behavior of debatable morality) have always been a key element in country music, and that’s okay. People get to choose what they listen to, what they like, and what lyrics they condemn.

What’s crazy, though, is pretending that a consensual lesbian relationship is somehow immoral while fantasizing about inserting yourself into a relationship without the consent of the people in it, isn’t.

TELL US: Are Little Big Town fans freaking out over the wrong thing?

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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