Listen to Rebecca Black’s New Song, ‘My Moment’ – If You Dare

You remember Rebecca Black. How could we all forget? She’s the teen whose overindulgent mother paid Ark Music $4000 so that her coddled kid who’s probably never heard the words “no” or “you’re really not good at that, honey” could foist the insipid song “Friday” on an unsuspecting public.

The video for that little diabolical earworm went viral, going on to become the most-viewed clip ever on YouTube while taking a helluva public drubbing. Many people called it “the worst song ever made ever no seriously EVER EVER,” leading to Black’s name being mentioned so often on Twitter that it’s still the site’s most popular topic so far this year.

Well, now Miss Black is back.

Her new song, set for an iTunes release on Tuesday, is called “My Moment” and shows what her life has been like since “Friday” took the world by shitstorm. She’s either oblivious or simply doesn’t care that all that buzz was mostly negative and she isn’t the X chromosome’s answer to Justin Bieber.

In the video she rocks some Rachel Berry bangs and smiles prettily while “singing” about how being 2011’s biggest internet joke has been AWESOME, you guys, because in an age of manufactured fame she just wants her little piece of the talentless pie so step off, haters! Or something.

Clearly she’s trying to get a legitimate career out of this —  and really, it’s not like it’s unprecedented for someone without any discernible talent to become a superstar. But since she’s too young to do it the old-fashioned way with a sex tape, seems the songs are all she’s got.

Anyway, here it is. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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