Listen To 1D’s ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ and Watch Them Perform ‘Steal My Girl’ On Wetten, Dass..?



One Direction released a new song today, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” one week before they debut their new album ‘Four.’

This morning the band members: Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson, took to YouTube to announce that the single would be available to those who pre-ordered their upcoming album.

One Direction also shared their announcement on Twitter, “1 week until #FOUR is unleashed. Let’s celebrate with an early release of…. #WhereDoBrokenHeartsGo!!!!”

One Direction made an appearence on the German-language show ‘Wetten, Dass..? on Saturday, signing for the first time live ‘Steal My Girl.’ Watch the video below.

While in Austria, Harry Styles and Niall Horan gave a very stange interview which consisted of “Truth or Dare” questions:

TRUTH: Why is your album really called Four?

Styles: “Because it’s our fourth album.”

Horan: “There was a lot of names being thrown around about what we were going to call the album… a few names in the mix, and no one could decide what it was going to be, so I just said, ‘How about Four in capital letters?'”

DARE: Horan, show us your favorite boy band move:

Horan: Having Styles coach him, “Look away, look away, look away… Look at me.” (A move from the band Swoon)

TRUTH: Why doesn’t have choreographed dance moves and matching outfits?

Styles: “We’re not very good at dancing, so that got rid of the dancing card. And we’re different sizes.”

Horan: “We didn’t want to be that kind of band.”

TRUTH: If you were on an island and had no food, who would you eat first?

Horan: “Liam [Payne], the meatier one. More muscle to eat.”

Styles:  Adding, “The most courses.”

To check out the rest of the interview and how it got stranger with Styles giving the interview, watch the video below:

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