Listen To Three Of Selena Gomez’s New Tracks Off Her ‘For You’ Album


Attention all you Selena Gomez fans! Selena will be releasing a greatest hits album For You, that will be featuring three brand new songs.

Gomez’s first single The Heart Wants What It Wants was released earlier this month. In the song and video, Gomez pours her heart out for all of us to see. When the video opens, Gomez speaks candidly about the pain she’s endured with Justin Bieber and her toxic romance. It’s incredibly moving and heart breaking to hear such a beautiful and talented young lady talk about such tragic love.

Gomez says, “When I was on stage and I was thinking of… I felt like I know him, though,” she laments. “I know that I know his heart and I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. But I didn’t realize that feeling so confident, and feeling so great about myself, and then it just be completely shattered. By one thing, by something so stupid. [Pause] But then you make me feel crazy, you make me feel like it’s my fault. I was in pain…”

Her second song Do It, is Gomez’s voice plus a little bit of helium. It’s a little girly sounding with bouncy instrumentals, but that is a clear way to make a song stick in your head.

The last song, My Dilemma 2.0, is a remix of one of her other songs off her 2011 album that begs to be played in a club.

The rest of the track list goes as follows:

1. The Heart Wants What It Wants
2. Come & Get It
3. Love You Like A Love Song
4. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
5. Who Says
6. My Dilemma 2.0
7. Round & Round
8. Forget Forever (Boy Lightening Remix)
9. Slow Down
10. A Year Without Rain (Dave Aude Radio Remix)
11. Naturally (Dave Aude Radio Remix)
12. Mas (More-Spanish Version)
13. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (with Selena Quintanilla-Perez)
14. Falling Down
15. Do It
16. The Heart Wants What It Wants –Video

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