Lindsay Lohan Twitter Hacked; Denies Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Cheating Tweet

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Lindsay Lohan is responding to allegations that she Twittered about witnessing Justin Timberlake cheat on girlfriend Jessica Biel earlier this week.

Lindsay denies that she posted a Tweet accusing the crooner of being unfaithful to his actress girlfriend. “So dark — where’s jb cheater?” are the words that appear on Lindsay’s Twitter page, reportedly referring to Justin Timberlake’s dancing at NYC club Avenue with another girl on Monday night.

“I would not discuss my personal life, let alone someone else’s, on the internet!” Lindsay said in a press release late Wednesday.

The livid actress claims her Twitter account was compromised — and she blames the owners of the popular micro-blogging website for the breach. “….Twitter needs to fix their s–t. I didn’t write ‘jb cheater!’ What does that even mean? It’s annoying.”

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