Lindsay Lohan Twitter Product Placement – “Mean Girls” Actress Promoting Products Online For Cash

Cash-strapped actress Lindsay Lohan has come up with a interesting way of funding her current fifth stint in rehab: She’s hawking coupons on Twitter.

Whatever pays the bills we suppose.

Lohan — who celebrated 100 days of sobriety on Wednesday — has raised eyebrows after she repeatedly posted advertisements for gift cards on her Twitter account all day on Wednesday. A representative for TaDa, the company behind the link the Mean Girls star tweeted, has offered some telling deets on Lohan’s work for the company, although she has little info on how much the out-of-work actress may have been paid for her endorsement.

“We do not work directly with Lindsay, nor have any direct affiliation with her. She belongs to a promotion network, MyLikes, where TaDa publishes its sale content,” Mary Yee, Vice-President of Marketing at Shopzilla Inc, owners of TaDa, told this week.

“Lindsay must have seen our sale today, liked it, and chose to promote it,” Yee added.

Though the deal may (or may not be a lucrative one for LiLo), working with the scandal-plagued star is a bad move for TaDa, according to a brand strategist who has worked frequently with the entertainment industry.

“Sure, Lindsay’s got a lot of followers on Twitter, but why anyone would want her to promote their product for Christmas is beyond me … she’s damaged goods.”

Other celebs linked to MyLikes Tweeting for Cash Campaign include Snoop Dogg, Khloe Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, and Jon Gosselin.

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