Lindsay Lohan Topless Scene In ‘Machete’

Lindsay Lohan in all her crazy glory

Ah Lindsay Lohan, how far you’ve fallen. Not that long ago a topless Lohan scene would have caused the internet to slow to a crawl, but today news that Lohan would be naked in the upcoming movie ‘Machete’ (which, as an aside, looks pretty amazing) has created barely any buzz at all from what I can see.

Not only was Lindsay Lohan one of the hottest things around circa 2004 or so, but she actually was kind of likeable. She was sort of adorable in Mean Girls, but of course we’ve since learned that was mainly due to the incredible skill of Tina Fey, and Lohan has since proven herself to be about as charismatic and likeable as a doorknob. ‘Machete’ is her first movie role in four years, she’s not a lead, and she clearly got hired mainly to create some buzz around a gratuitous nude scene. Someday they’ll make sad movies and Lindsay Lohan and Elton John might write a song about her, but right now the entire situation is just depressing.

What a Lindsay Lohan Nude Scene from ‘Machete’ might look like (pretend she’s the girl on the left)… NSFW Obviously

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