Lindsay Lohan — The Wanted’s Newest Groupie — Struggling to Make the Rent?

Legal woes aren’t the only burdens leaving Lindsay Lohan’s brow in a scowl these days: Money’s pretty tough to come by for the ex-child star.

Depending on who’s telling the story, of course.

If TMZ tattles are to be believed, LiLo is about one PopTart and a pack of Top Ramen Noodles for spending the holiday season sleeping on a park bench. (An obvious exaggeration, but you get our drift.)

Word on the curb has it that the Liz and Dick actress — busy touring with rumored love interest Max George and his band The Wanted — has spent the past six months struggling to scrape together the $8,000 a month rent on her Beverly Hills mansion. With a $200,000-plus tax debt to Uncle Sam leaving her finances in a tailspin (and her checking account frozen), Lindsay’s rent struggles just keep getting worse.

TMZ writes:

“Lindsay tried to get out of the lease and move out early, but we’re told the owners of the home told LiLo the penalty for breaking the lease was MASSIVE. So Lindsay is making it work until the lease is over in February and LiLo is telling friends she’ll then look for a place in New York.”

Things have gotten so dire, in fact, Lindsay’s resorted to selling her used, designer threads to free up some additional cash. Just last week, Goss Gawkers went wild with the dish that Lohan sent her kid sister Ali, off to Wasteland, a high-end vintage shop in Los Angeles, to flog some of her most valuable clothes, shoes and accessories.

It wasn’t the first time that’s happened. In 2008, with rumors about her net worth lighting up the Innanets, the repeat rehabber began hawking secondhand designer duds through a consignment deal with Santa Monica’s AdDress Boutique.

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