Lindsay Lohan: The Face Of

Lindsay Lohan’s not exactly the picture of innocence, but the “Mean Girl” has been offered a chance to clean up her baddie image courtesy of an endorsement deal with a website that outs cheating lovers.

Ah — sounds promising. Do dish…. has approached LiLo with an offer to represent their site in the hope that it will purge her of her party girl persona. Uh, it miiight just be a little bit late for that. But let’s hear them out, shall we? The website blacklists cheaters and advocates faithful relationships with the slogan: “Fight infidelity: Post a Known Cheater Now!” At least the 25-year-old has some life experience with this latest deal. In 2010, she claimed her then girlfriend, Sam Ronson, cheated on her during their turbulent three year union.

The site is reportedly offering a cash-strapped Linds a cool $25,000 for her appearance in an online ad campaign. Last month, Linds raked in the same massive sum shooting a gig for auction website She also recently appeared in a quirky ad spot for Air New Zealand.

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