Lindsay Lohan Shot Down By Russell Brand

Lindsay Lohan

Russell Brand just isn’t that into Lindsay Lohan.

The odd British comedian is rumored to have “politely refused” LiLo’s advances after the actress followed him around like a loss pup during Diddy’s annual Independence Day White Party last weekend.

Word around Hollywood claims Lohan, 23, has been trying to get cozy with the 34-year-old star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall at various parties around Tinseltown for several weeks.

Apparently, the whole needy stalker thing is a major turn-off for Russ.

“Lindsay is a very good-looking girl and she is used to getting what she wants. Russell has been on her radar for a while now but he doesn’t want anything to do with her,” one spywitness chuckled to The Sun.

“He finds her constant craving for attention and her heavy drinking a turn-off. It’s not like he is short of female attention anyway.”

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