Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape


Lindsay Lohan has been rocked by rumors that a cash-strapped waiter is shopping an alleged “sex tape” — in which she is the star — for nearly $200,000.

An alleged 47-second clip of the tawdry sex flick features a naked woman that appears to be Lohan engaging in “adult activity” with a waiter from a popular American restaurant chain, who she reportedly enjoyed a fling with last year, London’s The Daily Mirror dished on Thursday.

“This video file is dynamite. It’s pretty seedy and shows Lindsay engaging in a particular sex act which, obviously should remain behind closed doors,” squealed a spy.

The footage has reportedly been offered to Huslter for six figures, while the waiter is toying with the idea of giving the X-rated footage to an “offshore porn site” to be downloaded around the globe for the masses.

Lindsay, 23, is “devastated” by the rumors after working diligently to repair her fractured public image in recent years, tattles tell the tab. The Georgia Rule actress even traveled to India last month, where she filmed a documentary on human trafficking for the BBC. Lindsay is said to be weighing her legal options for blocking release of the footage.

“If and when it is released on the internet, via a spurious, unofficial website, there is absolutely nothing she or her lawyers can do about it….It is fair to say that Lindsay has had a pretty torrid past 24 hours.”


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