Lindsay Lohan Sex Addiction, Riley Giles Claims; Riley Giles Calls Lindsay Lohan Sex Addict

Lindsay Lohan’s snowboarding ex-BF Riley Giles has sold the coke-snorting actress out to the tabs, and the recently rehabed twenty-something is confirming rumors of a Lindsay Lohan sex addiction. “Lindsay’s definitely a nymphomaniac. She’s wild in bed. We’d have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night,” Riley says. “The chemistry between us was so strong we couldn’t help ourselves.”

The twenty-four year old, who broke off an engagement to be HOhan’s Cirque Lodge arm candy, tells NOTW:

“We once did it four times in a row straight. That was crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. She’d demand sex again and again. We’d go at it for hours. She’d have worn out most guys.”

Riley revealed how Lindsay used orgasm after orgasm as a potent substitute for the huge chemical hits she was used to while partying.

“When you orgasm, your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery.”

“And we didn’t get out of bed for days. It was the perfect place—roaring fires with amazing views over the Sundance ski resort.”

“The first time we had sex I couldn’t believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked. We’d barely gotten through the door when we just ripped each other’s clothes off.” Oh, you smooth talker.

“Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.”

“She has great curves but her belly is nice and flat and toned. We couldn’t get enough of each other.”

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