Lindsay Lohan Set Secrets Emerge on Pages of New York Times Magazine

The on-set antics of Lindsay Lohan make for a real New York Times Bestseller. A New York Times Magazine article detailing every little dirty secret that happened on the set of the starlet’s new film The Canyons is now trending worldwide.

There’s tons of juicy details, ranging from Lindsay’s tantrums, to her getting fired before the movie even got rolling and only getting paid $100 a day. Real must read material — courtesy of Times journalist Stephen Rodrick.

The film is described as a erotic comedy, which co-stars real life adult film star James Deen. One of the more shocking details revealed in the article — although there are many — is that Lindsay had allegedly been drinking before filming a four-way sex scene (Oh brother…). But when shooting wrapped for the day — instead of getting a ride home, she hopped into her Porsche with her assistant riding shotgun and drove home.

Braxton Pope, one of the producers on The Canyons, raises an eyebrow at the drinking and driving accusation.

“It’s not uncommon for actors to drink to calm their nerves before those types of scenes. I didn’t see Lindsay drinking, you know, on set. So I never saw that…I never saw that or was privy to it.”

Braxton says he would work with Lindsay again. He’s very upset over leaked audio of Lohan flying into Full Bitch Mode, which surfaced on the web on Friday. Braxton aruges that it doesn’t give a clear understanding of how Lindsay was day to day on set.

“I would never take from that kind of audio. It would be unfair to make any conclusions, draw any conclusions from that, about, you know, about how the production went or how Lindsay was on set. Whoever leaked that audio, it’s illegal. So yeah, whoever leaked that, it was an unethical thing to do.”

Lohan is quickly becoming a terror to work with — as if her drug and legal battles weren’t enough of a cross to bear. LiLo reportedly clogged up a toilet on the set of Scary Movie 5 that took “a day and a half to clean up.”

Grant Bowler, Lindsay’s co-star in Lifetime’s universally panned biopic Liz and Dick, described working with the actress as an exercise in patience.

“There were exercises in patience and there were exercises in tolerance. I believe it could have been smoother at times, it could have been a lot smoother at times and we could have got a lot more done on a couple of days, but you get what you’re given,” he told Access Hollywood last year.

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