Lindsay Lohan Rejected By Chace Crawford

Lindsay Lohan has been rejected by Gossip Girl closet case Chace Crawford.

Lindsay, who is in a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson, was seen with the actor after attending a few New York Fashion Week-related events last Friday night. However, friends of Chace insist the TV star is not interested in anything romantic with the Mean Girls actress.

A OK! tattle says: “Lindsay heard that Chace and Emile Hirsch were hanging out at Justin Timberlake’s restaurant Southern Hospitality for drinks. But she showed up uninvited and unannounced. She caused quite a scene so Chace left to go back to his place for some more fun.”

Linds wasn’t taking no for an answer and reportedly followed Chace back to his Manhattan pad.

Damn! Can you say desperate!?

“Lindsay showed up uninvited to Chace’s apartment and was not allowed in.”

This isn’t Chace’s first run-in with the allegedly relentless Linds. Last October, the actress was accused of bombarding the actor with “provocative” text messages after meeting him at an industry party.

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