Lindsay Lohan Punched In Face By Doug Reinhardt’s Ex

Happy Birthday! (POW — Right In The Kisser…)

Lindsay Lohan turns 24 today, and Word on the Curb has it that the birthday is off to a rough start.

LiLo spent Thursday night partying at West Hollywood hotspot Voyeur, where the actress claims she was socked in the face by a cocktail waitress.

“A waitress just hit me,” Lindsay claimed in a Tweet early Friday morning. “Punched me for no reason.”

According to Us Weekly, it was ex-Hills star Doug Reinhardt who precipitated the alleged punch. Apparently Reinhardt — who previously dated socialite heiress Paris Hilton and ex-reality star Lauren Conrad — was partying with the one-time Mean Girls starlet when another of his ex-girlfriend decided to take her frustrations out on Lohan’s mug.

“The waitress has a history with Doug Reinhardt, and Lohan was hanging out with him. She was jealous, and out of nowhere, the waitress punched her in the face!” an Us Weekly source claimed. “Doug didn’t want any part of it and went to the other side of the booth. Lohan ran out.”

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