Lindsay Lohan Psychiatric Help

Lindsay Lohan needs “psychiatric help,” friends of the actress say.

The Mean Girls star has been left so devastated by her split from DJ Samantha Ronson last week that friends fears she is on the brink of emotional collapse if she doesn’t seek the help of a professional soon.

Earlier this week, Lindsay complained that she was sick over the split with Ronson.

May we suggest Dr. Phil?

A source told The NY Post Thursday: “Lindsay needs to get psychiatric help. Her friends are really sad for her, but she’s out of control, and now she’s all alone.”

Lindsay is struggling to cope with the split and friends have blamed her mother, Dina Lohan, for not offering the 22-year-old star enough boundaries when she was growing up.

“Lindsay is on hiatus with her publicist because she’s not working or booking jobs. She is completely unmanageable,” says the insider. “Dina is begging Lindsay’s friends to go there and help her. All of Lindsay’s life, Dina never acted like a role model. She only ever wanted to be her friend. Lindsay keeps getting used.”

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