Lindsay Lohan Pawning Jewelry

In this economy, times are tough for everyone, and Lindsay Lohan is getting through these trying times by unloading the arsenal of bling she’s amassed over the years.

“She needs some quick bucks, so she’s parting with the gems she rarely wears,” says a pal of the actress, who asked not to be identified. “She’s got to make money somehow.”

Star Magazine insiders claim La Lohan, 22, has become a regular at shops like the Beverly Loan Company in Los Angeles — dubbed the “pawnshop to the stars” — where she regularly unloads expensive rings, watches, and other rarely-worn trinkets in exchange for cash.

“Lindsay likes to burn through cash, and what she makes from modeling and public appearances just isn’t enough to pay her bills.”

So what does Lindsay do when she wants new baubles? Why she borrows them, of course!

“Every time she goes to Phillippe’s Watches in Beverly Hills, she borrows — not buys — a watch,” according to the Star insider. “When she returns them, they’re scratched up and need a lot of work to make them ready for sale.”
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