Lindsay Lohan Leggings Collection “6126” Sold Out

Good news for La Lohan. The Labor Pains actress is making a splash with the leggings-lovin’ crowd. Lindsay’s 6126 collection of fancy leggings and leg warmers has already sold out one week after it’s official launch.

The line, named in honor of Marilyn Monroe’s D.O.B, has created a buying frenzy at Los Angeles’ Intuition boutique, where the designs are sold exclusively.

The shop has begun placing shoppers on a waiting list to deal with the demand.

“The collection is blowing out, we were so overwhelmed by the reaction,” Intuition owner Jaye Hersh told E! News Friday. “We have launched other celebrity collections here, and this one is just flying through the door.”

“We launched Lauren Conrad’s collection, we’ve had Mandy Moore, we’ve had various different celebrity lines, but this one really seems to be hitting home.”

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