Lindsay Lohan Gives Lawyer the Boot (But Still Owes $300K in Legal Fees)

Lindsay Lohan has fired her longtime attorney Shawn Holley and hired hotshot New York legal eagle Mark Heller to represent her in two pending criminal cases.

The Canyons actress sacked Holley, who has represented her through her numerous court appearances, TMZ said Monday. Heller reportedly informed Holley via letter that he will be taking over as Lindsay’s legal representative. Interestingly enough, Lohan cut ties with Holley allegedly still owing the attorney a hefty sum in unpaid legal bills.

Word on the curb has it that Lindsay may not be paying her new lawyer. A source told RadarOnline:

“Lindsay owes Shawn over $300k in legal fees and she hasn’t made any payments to her in over six months. Lindsay hadn’t paid anything for any of the work Shawn has done on her three new criminal charges of lying to cops, in connection with her car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Shawn has kept Lindsay out of jail for over five years now and she has no idea how good she has had it. Shawn is extremely respected by judges and prosecutors and that has benefited Lindsay greatly. Lindsay’s new criminal attorney, Mark Heller, isn’t even based in Los Angeles and certainly doesn’t have the revered reputation that Shawn does.”

The insider added:

“I suspect that Lindsay’s new attorney is either representing her for a reduced fee, or not charging her at all. I think Mark wants the publicity that representing Lindsay Lohan can bring.”

Shawn received her pink slip just as she was on her way to a Los Angeles courthouse to try to negotiate a settlement for Lindsay. The 26-year-old actress is facing jail time for violating the terms of her probation after she allegedly lied to police about a collision with a dump truck on a Los Angeles freeway in July.

Lindsay reportedly told authorities that he assistant Gavin had been driving her Porsche at the time of the accident. According to witness statements, however, it was Lindsay was behind the wheel.

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