Lindsay Lohan F-Word Fingernails Give Judge A Figurative Flip-Off

Well — this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Giving Someone The Finger!”

Lindsay Lohan may not be able to escape a 90-day stint in chokey, but she seems to have gotten away with sending a giant “Fuck You” to DUI Judge Marsha Revel!

LiLo looked on in horror as Judge Revel sentenced her to three months in jail and ordered her to undergo a rehabilitation program after finding the troubled actress had broken the terms of her probation in a 2007 DUI/drug case. The 24-year-old Lohan burst into tears after the ruling in a Beverly Hills courtroom yesterday afternoon. The sentence was triple the month-long jail sentence prosecutors had sought for the starlet.

Superior Court Judge Revel issued the sentence after hearing evidence from employees of a court-ordered alcohol treatment program. Counselors testified that Lindsay missed a total of nine classes and offered a series of “disrespectful” excuses for her no-shows.

Lohan cried and pleaded for mercy during her sentencing, but within her pretty pastel manicure lay a different message! Looks like she wrote what she really felt on her middle fingernail while scribbling during the court session – and wasn’t scared to openly flaunt her mini-message of defiance in front of the judge and in-court photographers!

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