Lindsay Lohan Fails At Photoshop, Part Two


Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop skills suck – as evidenced by her lack of how to make her butt look more Kardashian-like on social media. As you may know, Lohan’s butt is flatter than fresh cut grass – but she wants to use her less than ample derriere in order to land jobs or a boyfriend, maybe?

See the full shot:

In case you’ve missed it, the troubled actress actually thinks that her butt should bend the laws of nature. Lindsay Lohan Photoshopped herself back in January – with hilarious results.

She captioned the picture: “#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya hehe”. Some have said that her Chikungunya diagnosis was an excuse to get out of her community service, but it appears that she tried to use her “acting” in Speed The Plow to take the community service heat off of herself.

Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop skills are seriously lacking and have not improved over time. Also not improving is her ability to get what she wants for doing little work. When her court date came, the prosecutors called BS on her community service hours and have set forth new rules in completing her time.

The prosecutors in her case have stated that she has to redo 125 hours of time and that she can only do up to a maximum of four hours in one session. These new stipulations became necessary when Lohan tried to pass off her West End performances and meet and greets with fans as community service hours.

She must have really thought that the court system was daft enough to buy into her nonsense. It’s no wonder why she’s trying to pass off these pictures as real and unaltered. We’re wondering how the Line Camera app is still in business…surely they’ll fold soon enough after the world sees what she did with it.

TELL US: What are your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan’s Photoshop skills?

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