Lindsay Lohan Facing $50,000 Bill For Breaking Lease On Burglarized Home

Lindsay Lohan could face up to $50,000 in charges as she prepares to leave her rented Hollywood Hills home — which was burglarized 10 days ago — several months before the end of her lease.


“Lindsay has five months left on her lease. She’s breaking her lease by moving on at this time. The property was up for rental at $15,000 per month but she got a special deal of $10,000 per month, meaning she’s going to owe $50,000 on the remainder of her lease,” a tipster tells

“Plus there’s going to be damages, the property is in total disrepair since she’s moved in, it’s not able to be shown in it’s current state, it’s going to take some serious work to get it back to it’s original condition,” the spy blabs. “If she doesn’t pay up on the remainder of her lease, and pay up for the damages she has caused the property owner is going to sue her. They are not happy at all about the situation.”

No word on where Lindsay is moving to.

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