Lindsay Lohan Could Be Sprung From Rehab This Week

Actress Lindsay Lohan will likely walk free from her third stint rehab this week.

In July, Lohan was sentenced to 90-days of inpatient treatment as part of her sentence on a probation violation. According to well-placed sources, the troubled 24-year-old star will leave UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital later this week because counselors feel that her psychiatric problems are not nearly as serious as they first thought. Although doctors originally thought Lindsay suffered from bipolar disorder, they now believe that her psychiatric problems are not so severe. It has previously been claimed that Lohan is addicted to prescription drug but medical professionals are said to be less concerned about her use of legal medication than they initially were.

Once the star’s doctors write their final report, mentioning that she’s fine, her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley can go back into court and request the judge to allow her client to have outpatient care. Although a court will have to approve the early release, it is believed that Judge Elden Fox who recently replaced Judge Marsha Revel on the actress’ case – will go along with the doctors’ recommendations.

Lindsay checked into rehab soon after she was released from the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California Aug 2 after completing 15 days of her 90-day jail sentence, following the violation of probation terms of her 2007 DUI arrest.

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