Lindsay Lohan “Considering” Plea Deal In Jewelry Theft Case

Think Linds should take the plea?

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly “warming up” to the idea of spending the spring behind bars.

Sources close to the one-time Disney actress say LiLo is beginning to have doubts that she can beat the felony rap she’s facing for allegedly tying to steal a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles jeweley store in January. Publicly, Lohan has been campaigning about her innocence and has insisted the she will not take a plea to a lesser charge if the deal included any jail time. But now that she’s had some time to let that marinate…

Los Angeles County Judge Keith Schwartz had offered Lohan a deal that includes a three month jail sentence, which would likely be lowered to just 19 days due to overcrowding in California prisons. The actress is quietly considering pleading guilty in exchange for the lesser sentence, Lohan snoops say. If Lindsay loses at trial, she could receive up to three years in jail for probation violation and felony grand theft.

Perhaps not suprisingly, the jewelry store that accused Lohan of walking out of their store wearing a pricey bauble is looking to profit from a book and movie deal about the incident.

A rep for Kamofie and Co., the Venice boutique where the actress apparently failed to pay for a “one of a kind” gold necklace, has been contacting literary agents about a book deal and would even be interested in a movie deal.

“Give us a call. This isn’t going to change anything in the case whatsoever. Frankly, a movie deal would be even better, but does anyone really care?” the store’s rep Christopher Spencer told last week. “If they care, we’ll do it and be honorable, faithful and accurate about it…bring it on.”

Lohan, who is currently in The Big Apple visiting family, has until Friday, March 25 to notify the judge in her case of whether or not she’ll accept the deal.

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