Lindsay Lohan Complex Magazine August/September 2010

One last bikini shot before jail! On the eve of the start of her 90-day jail sentence, troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan makes her final cover appearance for the next 30 months. The former “Mean Girl” finds herself getting felt up by an animated hand on the graphics-laden cover of the Aug/Sept. 2010 issue of Complex Magazine, an appearance more than two months in the making.

“We consider ourselves lucky to be able to present this super-sexy photoshoot just to remind everyone of just how bad (meaning good!) Lindsay is. Featuring art by none other than KAWS, the story kicks off our 2010 Style & Design Issue in ultimate Complex style. Unfortunately, Lindsay got caught up in the madness—Cannes, court, and conviction—before we had a chance to interview her, so we instead used the cover story to ask the question everyone’s forgetting: what’s it like to be LiLo right now? For all the hand-wringing and schadenfreude everyone seems to love indulging in, this is still a human being, and one who’s contending with a world that clearly wants her to fail. Not us, though—if it were our call, all she’d do is win. We got your back, Linds!”

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