Lindsay Lohan Calls Cocaine Party Photos “A Set-Up”

LiLo is back in Los Angeles to face the music over a missed probation hearing, but the ex-Mean Girl is crying foul over controversial images that debuted online last week. Lohan — whose addiction to alcohol and cocaine sent the starlet to rehab twice in 2007 — says a new photo of her lounging just arm’s length away from what appears to be the highly-addictive drug while partying in Cannes is a “set-up.” Lohan insists that photos of her handling a white substance that looks like cocaine is a set up to sabotage her.

The phrase “Bitch please!” springs to mind!

In the picture Lohan, along with her friends, is seen having the white powder during a yacht party during the Cannes Film Festival. Lohan has defended herself, stating that stories which came along with the images circulating on the Internet are not true.

“That’s a set up, that’s so untrue,” the 23-year-old retorted Friday.

However, Lohan doesn’t have to worry that the photo will be used against her at an upcoming hearing for breach of probation. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Attorney’s office says the D.A. will not address the issue because there is no way to prove what is the substance in the picture.

Lohan star has to appear on court on Monday for the mandatory probation hearing she previously failed to attend after a “stolen/lost” passport left the actress stranded in the French Riviera.

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