Lindsay Lohan Broke; Star Begging Calum Best, Wilmer Valderamma, 50 Cent For Money

Rumors of a ‘broke’ Lindsay Lohan have been running rampant for months, but Star Magazine claims that with her assets still frozen, the rehabbing star has taken ‘begging’ fellow celebs for cash.

Star reports:

“Lindsay, 21, resorted to begging, the sources, say, because her manager mom, Dina, has temporarily cut her off from what’s left of the fortune she made starring in hit films like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

“Dina must think Lohan is a serious addict, and she’s afraid if she gives her even $20, she’ll run out and buy drugs and booze,” says an insider close tot he family…

“Lindsay wants money – what she calls ‘cake’ – now,” says a source. She’s even asked guys she’s only met two or three times to hand over $10,000. That’s what she always asks for: 10K.”

Among the celebs Lindsay’s tried to hit up are 50 Cent and Music producer Damon Dash, the source reveals.

She’s also turned to former flames Steve-O, That 70’s Show’s Wilmer Valderamma and British Model Calum Best. She keeps getting turned down, but one music industry insider confesses that he did fall victim to her charms.

“When Lindsay asked me, after her second arrest, I kind of laughed because she’s a big movie star, right? Why does she need money from me?” the industry insider asks. “She explained her money was ‘tied up.’ She wasn’t even nice about it. She said ‘I’m good for it, I’ll make a huge comeback. I am, after all, the most famous person on the planet right now!'”

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