Lindsay Lohan Bobby Brown Son Sex: Lindsay Lohan Landon Brown Bathroom Sex

Hey Dina, Google This! In case you missed the memo, Lindsay Lohan is a slutrag. After spending months warding off rumors that she is bumping pelvics with lesbo DJ Samantha Ronson, the twenty-one year old actress is being accused of having sex with Landon Brown, the twenty-two year old son of R&B’s resident crack addict Bobby Brown. Landon, who hit heart-throb status on the MTV reality show Rock The Cradle this Spring, tells The National Enquirer Lindsay gave up the catbag in a bathroom during the couple’s first meeting. Landon says the tryst took place during an event at the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood two years ago.

“Me and Lindsay got really, really close,” Landon tells The Enquirer. “She followed me to the bathroom during a private party and, well, we basically got together.”

“We were just staring at each other and she walked by. Then she turned around and she was just ready to party. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me in.”

Oddly, Landon regrets his one-night stand with Lohan never transpired into a “real relationship.” After all, girls who bang strangers in the john are wonderful specimens to bring home to Mom. (Insert eye-rolling here.)

“I’m actually trying to get back in touch with her-soon,” Landon says. We’re sure you are, Landon.

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