Lindsay Lohan Begging For Xanax And Cocaine, Caught Hanging Out With Drug Dealer ‘Chris’

Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon and has been begging friends for access to drug and alcohol, according to tabloid reports.

A spy for Star Magazine claims: “Lindsay got totally wild when she went home for Thanksgiving. I’m worried sick for her. She’s ruining her chances of any kind of comeback. She’s being really dumb.”

“….As soon as she landed, she called up all her old friends and asked if they had any Xanax and blow. She really hounded them and begged! No one wants her to do that stuff again. No one wants to be responsible for getting her back on drugs.”

Friends became further concerned when LiLo met up with an NYC drug dealer known as ‘Chris.’

“She met up with a drug dealer named Chris. He’s well known in New York, and they spent some time together. Nothing good comes out of hanging out with Chris,” says Star’s source.

But the real trouble began at private party Lindsay attended in a Nassau County Long Island gated community over Thanksgiving weekend:

“Lindsay was out of her mind wasted. She was drinking a lot and reeked of booze. She had a drink in her hand no matter where she went.”

“She was more than drunk. She looked like she was totally blasted on something. We all figure she was high as hell because she had been with Chris.”

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