Lindsay Lohan Barred From Victoria’s Secret Party

The Victoria’s Secret Catalogue anniversary party at Trousdale was the hottest party in all of Los Angeles last Thursday night. Everyone from Russell Brand to VS Angels showed up to rub elbows and pop bubbly at the bash — but there was one Hollywood hellraiser who found herself on the wrong side of the velvet rope: actress Lindsay Lohan.

The Mean Girls star was allegedly banned from entering the club for the star-studded event.

“As soon as she strolled up to the door, the rope was quickly pulled in front of her. She tried to pass the big bodyguard but he blocked her way. The security guys weren’t having it and escorted her to the exit,” says one spywitness.

This is the second time in a week that Lindsay has been dissed on the Hollywood party scene. Lohan was left fuming outside the same LA club after the bouncers refused to let her into a private party at the venue on March 18.

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