Lindsay Lohan Attacks Samantha Ronson On Twitter

In case you haven’t heard, Lindsay Lohan went bonkers on Twitter this morning.

The troubled starlet is raising eyebrows after lashing out at on-again/off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson in a series of messages on the microblogging blogging site early Thursday. The couple has dated for nearly two years and reunited in June after a brief split in April.


“Can you make an attempt to not ruin ANYTHI zG positive that i have FINALLY deserved just to cry myself to sleep with your cheats, errors, and thank you… for being a friend before a sell-out… the term ‘self out’ was coined from ME and i gave them sooooooo much insight For their not only COMPLETE, BUT SUBSTANISAN ***FRIENDS*********** (sic)”

We think Linds is venting her frustrations over Sam’s recent behavior, but we’re not even going to try to figure out what in creation she’s talking about.

Perhaps The Huffington Post can translate.

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