Lindsay Lohan As Marilyn Monroe Vogue Magazine Spain August 2009


We got sneak peek at this photoshoot earlier this year, but it looks like Spanish Vogue has finally unveiled Lindsay Lohan’s second photographic tribute to late screen siren Marilyn Monroe. The controversial star graces the pages of the August issue of Vogue Espana in character as the iconic blonde.

Helicopters recording from the air, dozens of paparazzi climbed the mountain that leads to the Hollywood sign and firing their cameras from the most unimaginable, an entourage of about ten people – including his sister and her personal stylist surrounding diva. Welcome to a photo session with Lindsay Lohan (New York, 1986). The whirlwind that surrounds the life of the actress was evident during the shooting that became our home and where explosive-platinum-blonde, paid tribute to the divas of Hollywood, with his adored Marilyn, of which study said that all his films-like concerning indisputable.

Next to movies, the world of fashion with this captivating actress considered one of the few talents of his generation. A collection of leggings and a self limited edition, Seven Nyne Spray Tan, raids are the latest fashion. His idols, Karl Lagerfeld, Emanuel Ungaro and Kate Moss, whom he said he could start work as a counselor.

Given its contentious and controversial life, “I would not judge the book by the covers,” he sighs, when the shooting comes to an end – “The meeting was great, the photographer was organized as if it were a movie, and I helped get me into the character -. And looking at the hill of Hollywood dressed as Marilyn can not stop thinking that, despite everything, will eventually get where it is proposed.

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