Lindsay Lohan Accuses Bodyguard Lee Weaver Of Leaking Knife Pics, Stealing Panties

Promies Rehab resident Lindsay Lohan is using her Myspace account to accuse tabloid-talking former bodyguard Lee Weaver of leaking those seductive knife flicks co-starring Vanessa Minnillo, as well as stealing jewerly, money, and panties.

In a post entitled “You Can Run,” LiLo says:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

you can run

a former friend, one who was supposed to protect me, instead did the opposite and ran to some british tabloid to get a couple dollars. He’s stolen cameras/memory cards, panties, jewelry & even money. he’s a con artist and that’s the reason he was fired last year. He will be held responsable for the false stories & recent pictures he’s been circulating verywhere.

give Lee a piece of your mind 818*757*3395

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Credit Goes To KissMyONTDAss.Com

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