Lindsay & Dina Lohan “Entertainment Tonight” Interview [May 6]


Scandal-bitten tabloid darling Lindsay Lohan and her momager Dina set the record straight about the starlet’s heavily-rumored addiction to drugs and alcohol with Entertainment Tonight’s Samantha Harris – as part of an interview that alleged cost the newsmagazine $10,000. Lohan — who has three rehab bids under her belt — says she’s baffled by reports of her alleged substance abuse and wants to set the record straight – insisting she no longer has problems with addiction.

The troubled Mean Girls star currently attends court-ordered alcohol education classes as part of her probation after pleading guilty to cocaine use and no contest to drink-driving and reckless driving charges following a June 2007 arrest. The actress insists she has turned her life around and she can’t understand why tabloids continue to speculate about addiction problems.

Here are a few interview highlights:

Lindsay On Her Rumored Substance Abuse: “When did I stop being okay? I am fine. I am happy and I am working. And I’m good. And I’m surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life.”

Lindsay On Partying: “I work. And if I go out with my friends, I’m 23 and I’m allowed to do that. I don’t go out when I’m working.” Mom Dina adds, “Everyone does that. That is like normal growth; she’s 23.”

On Her Run-In With A Cactus Outside A Friend’s Los Angeles Pad Last Month: “I’m the most clumsy person in the world. I do trip a lot. I fall. I walk into walls sometimes.”

On Bad Press: “I don’t pay attention to it. … The only problem is that it distracts from me getting jobs, and that is when it hurts me. Especially when it is not true. … Everyone goes through ups and downs. I am not one to hide anything. I am an honest person. I take it for what it is. I am me.”

On Relationship With Her Mom Dina: “We have a good relationship,” says Lindsay about her mom. “We fight like friends do. She is a very strong woman. I’ve learned a lot. Not every mother has to read false stories about their daughter. It’s nice to know she has sat by me through all of that. She knows what is really happening in my life.”


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