Linda Hogan Tell-All Book

Linda Bollea, the former wife of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, is set to pen a tell-all book about her turbulent quarter century-long marriage with The Hulk.

Bollea is currently in the process of penning her own “uplifting” tell-all book that details “her life, the traumas and how much better life is now that she is no longer married,” her attorney Ray Rafool told FOX News Tuesday.

“She will include all the trials she endured during the marriage, Nick’s accident and the things she has accomplished,” Rafool added. “Linda wants people to know her – she understands what it is like to get a divorce, to be a mother with grown children and establish a career and move forward.”

Last year, Hulk released tell-all book, My Life Outside the Ring, where he labelled his ex-wife as an “abusive alcoholic.” Readers can guarantee that the stocky athlete won’t like some of the labels Linda applies to him on the pages of her memoir.

“I don’t think he will like it,” Rafool said. “Unless it is his version, everything else is not true. But Linda isn’t writing it for him….”

Linda, 49, is currently dating 20-year-old beau Charlie Hill.

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