Lily Allen On Illegally Downloading Music


Get ready for your Daily Dose of Verbal Diarrhea from the often-bitchy Lily Allen…

The “Smile” star is blasting fans who download music illegally, claiming internet piracy is depriving the music industry of new talent.

Lily blames piracy for failing record sales across the industry and believes consumers need to pay for music in so that record labels well have the cash to sign upcoming bands.

“If what the consumer wants is good music, then they are going to have to start paying for it. The music industry is run by a bunch of fucking idiots and if you’re giving those people less money they are going to invest in bands that aren’t very good. The more money there is in the industry, the more they are going to have to invest in quality bands,” Lils spouted off to NME this week.

“There are people really struggling to make their way, they’re getting dropped much quicker, not being given the opportunity to make second albums,” she continued. “The only people responsible are those who are downloading music illegally, because there is no money going towards the bands anymore.”

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