Lily Allen: “My Brother Has A Huge Penis”


Lily Allen has let it rip in yet another one of her signature oversharing interviews-this time chatting a length about the size of her little brother’s penis and their unnaturally relaxed friendship with one another.

“He’s got a huge penis,” Lily boomed in a promotional interview this week for her upcoming sophomore album It’s Not Me, It’s You, premiering next month.

“When I lived at home, Alfie’s room was opposite the main bathroom, and I would often be in the bath in the morning and it never had a lock on the door and Alfie would get up with his morning boner and come in for a wee while I was in the bath and I’d just be like: ‘That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!’ I’d be like ‘ALFIE! Stop it!’ He’d even poo in front of me a couple of times, it’s disgusting.”

“He’d even poo in front of me a couple of times,” she adds. “He’s got no respect. I’d never poo in front of my brother, never! Wee, yes definitely.”

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