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How would you like a Final Four paycheck?


Everyone know that major college coaches earn the big bucks…but exactly how much will the coaches getting set to tip-off in a few hours earn for leading their teams to Dallas and the 2014 Final Four?

Wisconsin head coach, Bo Ryan, can snag two bonus paydays, one if he beats Kentucky tonight and another if can claim a National title Monday night. Ryan also earned $100,000 his badgers making it to the Final Four. The University of Kentucky’s Jon Calipari could pull in some major dough if his young freshman-led team lands in the finals on Monday, earning a $350,000 bonus. Calipari has already earned $350,000 due to Kentucky’s impressive wins so far during March Madness.

Florida’s Billy Donovan has already earned $250,000 for his teams wins over the last few weeks and will earn another $150,000 if the Gators land in Monday nights big game. UConn’s Kevin Ollie will need two additional wins to cash in on any bonus money, his base pay and bonus options are by far the smallest of the 4 head coaches. Ollie can pull-in $66,667 for his win over the Florida gators.


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