Liam Neeson “I miss my wife everyday”

Liam Neeson has appeared in some giant blockbuster films over the years and has become a fan favorite.

It’s been almost 3 years since Liam’s wife, Natasha Richardson, was killed tragically in a skiing accident. Liam and Natasha had been married for 15 years when she died, leaving behind not only her husband but her two sons. “I do miss my wife every day, more than anything,” the Taken 2 actor said in a recent interview.

Liam has been raising the cuoples sons, Michael and Daniel as a single-parent. “I wouldn’t say that I’m a strict father,” he explained. “I’d say I am a fair, conservative father. I put emphasis on traditional values in their upbringing. I want my sons to become loyal, honest and faithful human beings.

Have you seen Taken 2?

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