Levi Johnston Playgirl Magazine Nude Pictorial

Levi Johnston — the self-professed redneck who dodged a major bullet when he avoided taking Sarah Palin on as his mother-in-law — is working out six days a week in preparation for his butt-baring centerfold on the pages of a upcoming issue of Playgirl Magazine.

Dear God, he’s a baby…Brain Bleach!


“Team Levi is in the process of preparing for his Playgirl appearance,” the 19-year-old’s lawyer, Rex Butler, spilled to Us Magazine Tuesday. “He is in the gym six days a week for the next three weeks.”

Rex wouldn’t get into the particulars, but says we can expect to see young Levi in all his strapping barely legal glory “before the end of the year.”

This should make a nice stocking stocker for the cougar crowd…..

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