Levi Johnston Expecting LoveChild With Lanesia Garcia?

Oh Maury, your services are needed over at Casa de Palin.

Word on The Wire has it that Levi Johnston — the moose-shootin’ future son-in-law of conservative Sarah Palin — has been waving “That Thing” around without the safety on…again. Seemingly having learned zilch from the 2008 pregnancy scandal that made him a father at just 18, we hear Levi has been fingered as Public Enemy No. 1 in yet another paternity scandal.

Do they even have condoms in Alaska?!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Bristol Palin’s baby daddy may have impregnated another girl toward the end of their 16-month separation. Levi briefly dated Wasilla Latina Lanesia Garcia in late 2009-early 2010 and enjoyed several trysts with the young woman, who is now reportedly several months pregnant, before rekindling things with Bristol in the spring. Garcia is unsure whether Johnston or another of her exes is the father of her baby. Despite the uncertainty, Bristol is reportedly livid that Levi’s liaison with Lanesia could torpedo their wedding plans.

“She just found out about Lanesia’s pregnancy and is freaking out. He told her that getting back with Lanesia wasn’t serious – it was brief, just a fling and ended months ago. But Bristol is questioning the engagement. She’s really jealous. Lanesia’s planning to do a paternity test after the baby is born. She’s extremely embarrassed she doesn’t know who the father is.”

If the name Lanesia Garcia sounds familiar, it should. In 2008, Lanesia, then 17, told Britain’s News of the World that she was in a three-year relationship with Levi before Bristol – her childhood best friend – started hooking up with the strapping young man behind her back.

Here’s what Lanesia said at the time: “I didn’t believe it, I never dreamt she was capable of doing that to me. But when I called her she just said, ‘I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it. Levi and I are together now and I think he’s the man for me.’ I put the phone down and have not talked to her since. I was distraught for a year – I missed Bristol desperately but also Sarah, who was like a second mom to me. Neither of them have tried to contact me, though – which says something about how ruthless they can be. The phrase Sarah used comparing herself to a lipstick-wearing pit bull is spot on.”

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