Levi Johnston Modeling Career

The robust sound of laughter you hear is coming from executives at some of New York City’s top modeling agencies as the sound off on Levi Johnston’s aspirations to become a male model.

The father of Gov. Sarah Palin’s infant grandson has made a career out of airing the family’s dirty laundry on the talk show circuit for weeks, but young Levi is hoping to use his dashing good looks (Insert Eye-Roll) to become the Tyson Beckford.

Vanity Fair surveyed a few agencies to find whether or not the teen father and self-professed “redneck” has the goods to strut down the catwalk, and so far the 18-year-old’s chances look particularly bleak.

“No. If you hear him interviewed, he’s not that bright. Even if he were amazing looking, he still comes off as a bit of a lug. Doesn’t have the elegance,” said Elaine Bohary, director of the New York men’s division at Next Models told VF.

Stephanie Grill, director of Click’s men’s board, had a similar sentiment, telling Vanity Fair, “We didn’t reach out to him. I guess he’s interested, but we weren’t.”

Sorry Levi, but they’re just not that into you.

Do you think Levi has what it takes to become a model?

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