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Letterman, you heartbreaker


That gap-toothed Dave Letterman has a way with the ladies. Unfortunately for one misled woman, a restraining order against that wiley Dave Letterman – a Connecticut resident – requiring that he stay at least 3 yards away from her – in Santa Fe – has been dropped.

The Santa Fe woman, Colleen Nestler, claimed that Letterman used coded references on his late night show to cause her “mental harrassment and hammering”, “mental cruelty” and “sleep deprivation.” Nestler’s application for a restraining order was accompanied by a six-page typed letter in which she said Letterman used code words, gestures and “eye expressions” to convey his desires for her via the television set.

Nestler started writing “thoughts of love” to Letterman after his show began in 1993, and apparently he responded in code words and gestures. Nestler said Letterman asked her marry him during a “teaser” for his show by saying, “Marry me, Oprah.” Nestler claimed that Oprah was a code name for her, but that the code increased and changed with time.

In her own words: “I appealed to the court for a restraining order to keep this man away from me, but now that’s been denied me. He has access to me. He can actually come for me or send people. He has many accomplices. I know this sounds crazy. I was crazy to have listened to him in the beginning.”

Good call. If want to talk to someone through the TV, I go with Conan O’Brien everytime.


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