Let These Colors Serve as Your Fall Fashion Inspiration


If you’re ever unsure of the season, simply take a look around you. As human beings, we tend to dress seasonally. If you see an array of neons, it most likely is summertime. As for pastels, these are evocative of spring. Winter brings out darker colors and neutrals, whereas fall is an in-between time. It is the time when summer melts into winter, when the leaves change and Mother Nature prepares for snow. Because of this, we often see colors that are reminiscent of such changes: the red and yellow of the leaves, the green of the grass, and the deep purple of the flower buds.

To prepare your wardrobe for autumn, let’s take a look at some of these colors. Some are classic, some are not. Even something as simple as a color can capture the essence of an entire season. Let these colors guide your fall fashion inspiration.


When I think of burgundy, I think of the leaves. I picture a small leaf on a branch, waiting for the moment where it’s about to fall upon the ground. Burgundy, in my mind, is quite a romantic color. It can be used as a pop of color, or as a color that you layer. It’s versatile, yet it stands out.

When I look at the pants above, I can see them paired with a variety of tops. You can throw on a white t-shirt and some brown loafers. If you’re going to work, pair it with a white blouse and blue blazer. Since they are tweed, you can even continue to wear them in the winter because the wool will keep you warm.

Confession: I’ve fallen in love with these boots. Since I am currently trying to simplify my wardrobe, I am looking for pieces that serve as pops of color. These boots are pricey, but they do the trick. I would wear them with some tan jeggings and an oversized sweater, just so that the boots would be the outfit’s focal point. They are the perfect depiction of the color burgundy.

Emerald Green

When I think of fall, I don’t typically think of emerald green (even though it is my favorite color). But, when you truly look at it, it acts as an essential jewel tone for this season. It is unexpected, but blends in perfectly with all of the other rich, earthy tones that are evocative of fall.

This t-shirt is perfect for layering (and it’s only $3.90!). You can layer it with a cardigan, blazer, and even with some gold accessories. Overall, this vivid tone emphasizes any outfit and takes it to the next level. Even though it is quite casual, it can easily be dressed up – thanks to the opulence of emerald green.

If you don’t want to go all out with this color, but instead want to add just a hint of it, this bracelet is a flawless accessory. It will compliment any outfit, while still making you feel fall-like. The gold tone also plays upon this seasonal trend, helping to bring out this gorgeous shade of green. Pair it with your other gold jewelry, or leave it on its own – either way, it will add a little something extra to any outfit!

Deep Purple 

Deep purple is the type of color that, with the right outfit, can match anything. You can layer it on top of a pastel, white, or even a vibrant tone. It also looks spectacular with rose gold jewelry, since these two tones work together to make any ensemble shine.

Cardigan + deep purple = Autumn. The cardigan above screams FALL to me. It is richly colored, gives off a cozy vibe, and is ideal for a casual fall-time walk. I also love the way it’s cut – how it’s longer in the back. The cut adds something special, making it different from your average cardigan.

When it comes to deep purple, I love an interesting style. This asymmetrical skirt fits the bill in both departments. The texture helps to emphasis the deepened purple, while the cut gives it shape. I would wear it with a tucked in, cream-colored camisole, a blush pink cardigan, and some nude shoes.

Mustard Yellow

Personally, I find mustard yellow to be one of those colors that you either love or hate, with no in-between. It’s not an easy color to pull off, which is why I think it’s important that you pair it with the right accessories, textures, and patterns.

This polka-dotted pattern helps to downplay the yellow, while still making it noticeable. It’s the best of both worlds all wrapped up in a perfectly feminine blouse. I would actually love to pair it with the tweed J.Crew pants above and a pair of creamy brown shoes. Since polka dots already stand out, I don’t think you’d need to wear any jewelry with his top. Maybe just some understated, dainty gold stud earrings.

Who doesn’t love a nice scarf during the fall? You can wear this over a dress, with a jacket, and with any sort of top. When I look at this scarf, I can’t help but think “pop of color.” If you are wearing a completely neutral outfit, but want to embrace the upcoming fall season, then this scarf will most definitely do the trick.

Muted Pink

Honestly, I’ll rock a muted pink color during any season, but especially during the fall. I love pairing a pastel color with a luxurious, jewel-toned one. I think it gives an outfit dimension. Since winter and fall are home to harsher colors, I think a lovely neutral pink helps to tone this effect down. It keeps things light and fun.

I actually own a pair of pants that are this exact color and I absolutely love them. Traditionally, you would not think that this is a neutral color, but, somehow, it works. Since the pink isn’t too bright, too neon, or too dark, it acts as a neutral shade with just a hint of color. It is lovely, especially when paired with a burgundy or deep purple.

When fall arrives, that’s the second I bring my sweaters to the front of my closet. That’s why I just had to include a sweater that looks both casual and comfy, like the sort of piece you’d pull on when it’s a bit chilly outside. I’d wear this with a long necklace, a pair of jeans, and some sneakers. This is a weekend-type sweater for when you’re simply enjoying life.


The colors that we incorporate into our wardrobe can affect us in various ways. Bright colors can brighten our day, they can prepare us for summertime. Darker colors can emphasize a rainy day. As for the colors above, these are the shades that make me think of fall. They inspire me and prepare me for a season of apple picking, pumpkin pie, and for those moments when I notice that the leaves are indeed changing.

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