Police Mistake Woman For Justin Bieber

Only in OC! Police raided a bar in the popular beach town of Ocean City, Maryland over the weekend after customers there confused a twentysomething female barfly for Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Bieber’s appeal extends way beyond teenage girls: he’s also a hit among lesbians who call themselves “Biebians.” In fact, there’s even a website devoted to lady lovers who swear by the teen crooner. But a 27-year-old female Bieber lookalike never dreamed her uncanny resemblance to Biebs would almost get her sent to the slammer.

Cops descended on the popular Mug and Mallet Bar in Ocean City on Saturday night, following reports that Bieber, 16, was drinking underage inside. Instead, they found Katie, a card-carrying Biebian with the same petite frame and tousled short brown haircut that made Justin a pop sensation. The woman took the confusion in stride. She often gets mistaken for Bieber — but this time she was forced to produce her ID to convince cops that she is not the famous voice behind charttoppers like “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl.”

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