Leonardo DiCaprio Dances Like a Pepaw

Oh Leo — it’s a good thing they aren’t bringing back Soul Train!

Multi-lauded actor Leonardo DiCaprio has once again proven that no one’s great at everything by stinking up the festivities with some blush worthy dance moves at last weekend’s Coachella Arts and Music Festival. The annual event brings out a host of celebrities as it invades the Southern California with a stellar live lineup of pop, rock and hip-hop.

This year’s event, brought out OutKast, MGMT and the usually reclusive modelizer. The latter of which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Leo’s thisclose to losing his title as the King of Cool with some erratic dance that would leave a Muppet cringing. It starts with a toddler-style side-bopping to an aggressive dance off, involving a sideways punch. In other words, it’s weird.

DiCaprio’s classic get-down even inspired its own hashtag on Twitter: #Leonardo DiCaprio Dances Like Your Dad.”

Kinda has a nice ring to it?

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