Leonard Nimoy Diagnosed with Lung Disease COPD

Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy has been diagnosed with a chronic, and often fatal lung disease, the actor says developed after years of smoking.

Nimoy, 82, broke the news to fans via Twitter Thursday. He wrote:

“I quit smoking 30 yrs ago. Not soon enough. I have COPD. Grandpa says, quit now!! LLAP.”

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, refers to a variety of lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema which become progressively worse over time. Nimoy first prompted suspicions of ill health last month, when he was photographed being transported around a New York airport in a wheelchair.

Since the announcement, Mr. Spock has been using his social media presence to speak out on the dangers of smoking.

“Smokers, please understand. If you quit after you’re diagnosed with lung damage it’s too late. Grandpa says learn my lesson. Quit now. LLAP.”

Despite his frail appearance, Mr. Nimoy has assured Trekkies near and far that he’s feeling well.

“I’m doing OK. Just can’t walk distances. Love my life,family, friends and followers. LLAP.”

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